07 AM | 17 Feb


A blonde dies her hair brown. She is driving her car by the side of the road and sees a man. She stops and asks,”If i can guess the name of your dog can i have it?” He replies “yes, but you have to guess it right the first time.” She was correct and he gave her the dog. The man says to her, “If i can guess the real color of your hair can i have my dog back?”

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05 PM | 09 Feb

The Blonde and The Cop

A cop was driving over town! He saw a red Benz zizzaging every which way on the street. The cop did his duty. When he drove up next to the car, he saw a drop dead gorgeous blonde, sewing in the car. “Pullover”, he shouted. “No, replied the blonde “a pair of socks!

05 PM | 22 Feb

House Painting

One summer day, a blonde told her husband before he left for work that she was going to paint the house that day. It was her day off and she wanted to do something useful. He went to work only to return for lunch five hours later.He expected to find some progress done on the house, but instead found his wife lying in their yard with a few jackets on, despite the hot day. “What are you doing?” he asked. “I prepared to paint the house, but when I read the instructions on the paint can, it said to apply three coats and sun dry.”

10 AM | 25 Feb

It hurts and i dont know why

one day a blonde went into the doctors office. when the doctor came in he asked “so, whats the problem.” Then the blonde said to the doctor, “well, everywhere i touch it hurts.” then the doctor started poking her knee asking if it hurt, amazingly the blonde said “no.” then the doctor started patting her back, asking if that hurt. Still the blonde said no. finally the doctor said, “well, i think i know what the problem is.” the blonde asked, “what, what is it!!” the doctor then tapped her finger, and the blonde started screaming hysterically, and the doctor said, “your finger is broken.”

02 AM | 19 Feb

Blondes kids

A blonde was with her husband shopping and she decided that they would shop in different parts of the mall.

They meet in the middle 2 hours later and she announces, “I just got kids.”

The husband stares amazed, looking at the kids he says, “Those are 2 baby goats!”

Submitted by bomberman255 Edited by Calamjo, Curtis and yisman