07 PM | 09 Feb

The Speech

There are a bunch of blondes and one brunette. They all decide to go mountin cimbing one Saturday afternoon. So they go and they are almost to the top when the rope starts to fray. They all decide that one person has to jump off. The brunette decides that she wants to be the one to jump. She gives a great speech about why she wants to be the one to sacrafice her life for the blondes, when all of the sudden, the blondes clap.

10 AM | 17 Feb

Dumb Blonde Test

Ask the following to a Blonde to see if she is a DUMB BLONDE or a smart blonde…yeah right…

1.Who do want to be most like in life: A.Vanna White B.Michelle Fiefer C.Britney Spears E.None of the Above

2.In a game of Hide-And-Go Seek, do you: A.Run when you see the seeker B.Stay hiding until the seeker finds you C.Run when the seeker sees you E.Follow the seeker quietly

3.What happens when you get Alzheimers Disease A.You loose alot of weight B.Gain weight C.Get really smart D.Loose your memory

4.How do you kill a bird: A.Hit it B.Throw it off a building C.Cook it D.All of the above

5.What’s an important question about pregnancy A.Is it mine B.How far along am I C.Is it a boy or girl D.What hospital should I go to for delivery

Don’t read them this part:

Results: 1. A=5pts. B=3pts. C=2pts. D=1pt.

2. A=4 B=5 C=2 D=3

3. A=4 B=3 C=5 D=1

4. A=3 B=5 C=4 D=1

5. A=5 B=1 C=3 D=2

TOTAL: 20 =Official Dumb Blonde; 15-19=Pretty Dumb; 10-14=Not Bad; 9-Smart for a Blonde

01 PM | 10 Feb

The holes

A blonde was helping her mother in the kitchen by filling the salt shaker. 30 minutes later her moter asked,”why aren’t you done yet?” She replied, ” Mommy it’s so hard to get the salt through the little holes!”

05 PM | 09 Feb

The Blonde and The Cop

A cop was driving over town! He saw a red Benz zizzaging every which way on the street. The cop did his duty. When he drove up next to the car, he saw a drop dead gorgeous blonde, sewing in the car. “Pullover”, he shouted. “No, replied the blonde “a pair of socks!

07 AM | 11 Feb

Lunch time…………..mmm…………………….(by amanda)

One day there were three guys, a blond a black and a brown head. these three guys worked on top of a relly high building. there wifes always packed there lunches for them. they packed them a apple a juice box and a penut butter sand witch. now these three guys got penut butter sandwitches for 2 weeks straight so one day they all made a promise that if they got penut butter sandwithces the next day they would jump and kill them selfs of the building! the next day srue anofe there was a penut butter sandwithce in each lunch box. the brown hair said let there be peace in the world and jumed of the bulding. the black hair one said same here. the blondy said hey it seems to be a trend and i promised so here it gose and he jumped. the next day the boss went to the funarils the boss said why are you cring? brown hairs wife said why did i pack him a penut butter sandwith why? the boss gose to the black hairs funaril and see the wife crying and the boss said y r u cring? y did i pack him a penut better sand witch y? the boss gose up to the blonds wife and sees her laughting and the boss says why are you laughing your hushband just killed him self the wife said ya but he packed his own lunch ahahahahahahahahaha

10 PM | 25 Feb

Bad reception

A blonde went to electronic store and she asked, “How much is is this TV?” The salesman said, “Sorry, we don�t sell to blondes.” The next day she came back as a brunette. She asked the salesman how much the TV was. He said, “Sorry, we don�t sell to blondes.” The next day she came back as a red head and asked the salesman how much the TV was. He said, “Sorry we don�t sell to blondes.” She replied, �I came in here as a brunette and a red head. How do you know I am a blonde?” “Because that is not a TV, it�s a microwave.”

09 AM | 17 Feb

Don’t dye

A blonde dyed her hair black, and thought she looked so great she decided to go for a drive in the country to celebrate. After a bit, she was driving by a sheep ranch and stopped to look at the sheep which she liked very much. She went over the the rancher and said, “If I can tell you how many are in this field right now, will you let me have one?” The rancher said, “If you can count that fast, sure!” The blonde said: “524.” The rancher, amazed, told her to take her pick, for that was the exact count. After a few minutes, the blonde came back with her animal. The rancher said, “If I can tell you what color your hair was before you dyed it, could I have my dog back?”