02 AM | 19 Feb

Blondes kids

A blonde was with her husband shopping and she decided that they would shop in different parts of the mall.

They meet in the middle 2 hours later and she announces, “I just got kids.”

The husband stares amazed, looking at the kids he says, “Those are 2 baby goats!”

Submitted by bomberman255 Edited by Calamjo, Curtis and yisman

05 PM | 19 Aug

How did she know that?!!

A blonde’s house is on fire so she runs outside to use a payphone to call for help. She gets the 911 operator, and gets transferred to the firehouse. “Mr. Fireman, my house is on fire, you have to help me!” The Fireman replies, “Yes, yes, Miss, how do I get to your house?” The blonde pauses a moment, and replies, “Umm, it’s the house that’s on fire.” Realizing he is now talking to a blonde, the fireman comes back with, “No, Miss, how would you like me to get to your house?” to which the blonde replies, “Duh, big red truck!”

07 PM | 20 Feb

Mirror Mirror

Two blondes walking down the street. One reaches into her pocketbook for a make up compact and looks into the mirror.”This picture looks like someone I know” she says. The other one has a look and says, “Of course dummy, it’s ME….”

05 PM | 19 Aug

Three Blondes on an Island!

Their were three blondes on an island, not to far away from the other side, but far enough not able to swim across. One of the blondes goes up to a lamp on the sand and rubs the lamp. The genie comes out and says, ” I will give you each one wish.” One of the blondes walks up and says, ” I wish to be 10 times smarter!” The genie grants her wish and she builds a raft to go to the other side. The second blonde walks up to the genie and say, ” I wish to be 100 times smarter!” The genie grants her wish and she builds a helicopter and flies across. The last blonde walks up to the lamp and says, ” I wish to be a brunett!” So the genie grants her wish and she walks across the bridge.