02 PM | 21 Feb

Help stories from Tech Support

Another Compaq technician recieved a call from a man complaining that the system wouldn”t read word processing files from his old diskettes. After trouble-shooting for magnets and heat failed to diagnose the problem, it was found that the customer labeled the diskettes then rolled them into the typewriter to type the labels.

05 AM | 12 Feb

There’s an old saying

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee � I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee � that says, fool me once, shame on � shame on you. Fool me � you can’t get fooled again.” �George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002″See, we love � we love freedom. That’s what they didn’t understand. They hate things; we love things. They act out of hatred; we don’t seek revenge, we seek justice out of love.” �George W. Bush, Oklahoma City.

08 PM | 13 Feb

There were two kids

There were two kids (both african american) it was halloween night and the two kids the brother and the sister wanted to go out trick or treatting but to do so they had to put on a costume first they dressed up as batman and robbin so they went next door dressed up and their neighbor says so who are you two supposed to be and they reply” batman and robin” she says batman and robin are not black so they go home and dress as raggady Ann and Raggady Andy they do the same they go next door and knock the woman asks the same question and they reply Raggady Ann and Raggady Andy and the woman says but Raggady Ann and Raggady Andy are not black so they go home and they change once more but being frustrated by all the remarks the girl says oh I have an idea take off all your clothes so they do and go next door and knock they woman asttonished opens the door and says oh my! and now what do you say you are ? the kids reply two hershey bars, one with nuts and one without!

02 PM | 18 Feb

Drunk Blonde

A cop sees a car weaving all over the road and pulls it over. He walks up to the car and sees a nice-looking blonde woman is driving and smells liquor on her breath.

He says, “I’m going to have to give you the breathalyzer test to determine if you are under the influence of alcohol.”

She blows up the balloon and he walks over to the police car. After a couple of minutes comes back and says, “It looks like you’ve had a couple of stiff ones.”

She replies “You mean it shows that, too?”